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Dear Members,

It is with regret and sadness that we write this post.
The underwriters for GBUK Insurance have decided because of the upheaval and consequent changes in the insurance industry that they can no longer supply group Insurance. This is the type of insurance we have for GBUK members.
Our agents obtained an extension until 31st January 2021 while they searched for suitable insurance to accommodate us and came to us only this week with a  proposal. However, this was not group insurance so came at a much higher cost per individual which GBUK would not find viable to subsidise.  We have been told by the agent that when things settle group insurance may again become available. However this will not be for several months.
The Committee have therefore decided that the insurance will cease on 31st January. 
Joy has already emailed those that had a policy with us, so if you have and have not received the mail, please do let her know.
Thank you all for your support of GBUK.

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