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What is it? 

A system set up to enable less knowledgeable members (Pals) to contact more knowledgeable members (Buddies) to ask questions, discuss lampworking and network.  

  • To enable more established lampworkers to pass on knowledge in a private, controlled way.
  • To enable more knowledgeable lampworkers to help pass on tips, tricks and information.
  • To enable new lampworkers to progress with their art without having to recourse to forums (e.g. Facebook/Frit-Happens)
  • A more personal level
  • To help new lampworkers learn without feeling needy or silly.
  • To enable them to grow in confidence
 How it works 

The Buddies volunteer to make themselves available to an agreed number of Pals.  

The Buddy and the Pal(s) agree how frequent contact is. It is a mutual agreement between both parties. 

Type of contact is also to be agreed between Buddy & Pal, be it email, phone, private message or Slack. 

 It is important that Buddies privacy and the days/times agreed on are respected.  

It is important that Pals are respected regarding the questions they ask e.g. no question is too basic.  

 How do I sign up? 

Contact secretary @gbuk.org if you are interested in being a Buddy or a Pal. 


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Competition 2014 winners!

Thank you to everyone who entered the competition this year, the entries were both beautiful and stunning. A lot of hard work went into each and every one. Thanks also to everyone who came and ogled the entries on our stand at the Flame Off! Here are the winners.

BEGINNER – Katrina Beattie
SET – Ilsa Fatt
FOCAL – Judith Hannington
OTHER – Judith Hannington
JEWELLERY – Linda Newnham

Pictures below.

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Something new from GBUK: Flame monthly magazine

An exciting new monthly publication for our members, about our members.
We need YOU to help us fill it so send in your articles, tutorials and photos; enter the challenges and share Flame with your friends and family.

Find the inaugural issue HERE.

We hope you like it – and don’t forget – it’s about you and for you.

Monthly challenge

Each month we will set you a challenge with a theme or technique. No pressure, no prizes, just an opportunity to experiment and play, then show us your journey.

March/April challenge: Make a bead, set of beads, focal, mixed media, on or off mandrel piece using the theme of ‘Hares’ or the technique of ‘twisties’.

Post your photos on: the Frit-Happens thread and/or the Craft Pimp thread and/or our Facebook page by 15th April 2014.

The challenge is open to members and non-members alike. All members’ photos will be included in the April issue of the GBUK Flame.

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