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Journal advertising

Want to advertise in the journal? Here are the details:

£125.00 for full page (A4)
£60.00 for half page (Landscape)
£40.00 for quarter page (Portrait)

Specifications for Advertising are:
• All adverts to be submitted as PDF with images at 300dpi.
• All fonts to be outlined in the PDF if possible (this stops problems with me not having the fonts you used)
• If a PDF is not possible then a 300dpi 24/32 bit PNG file will be OK, finally if all else fails a JPEG at 300dpi but make sure the quality setting is high.
• All artwork is to be submitted at 300dpi at full size.
• Full page = 210x297mm with 3mm bleed added (therefore 216x303mm)
• 1/2 page = 184mm x130mm (Landscape)
• 1/4 page = 90mmx130mm (Portrait)
• Please can everyone also supply a JPEG copy of their advert to check that it looks as expected.

Adverts to journal@gbuk.org ASAP. Journal Issue 9 will be available at the Flame Off in June.

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