We are delighted to announce that GBUKinsurance has been arranged for members.

GBUK will administer the insurance cover under a group policy.

  • The insurance will cover all flamework – teaching, demoing and working.
  • The insurance covers GBUKmembers who are UK residents. Unfortunately, we cannot cover overseas GBUKmembers.

It provides public and product liability for up to £50,000 turnover and export of your products to UK, EU and worldwide.

  • Please note that coverage cannot be provided for members whose exports to the USA and/or Canada exceed 40% of their total annual turnover.

There are two insurance options:

  • If you partially export to the US/Canada you need the US insurance (note above condition)
  • If you only export to the UK/EU/rest of the world *excluding US/Canada* you need the UK insurance.

Please contact (Joy Porteous) if you wish to purchase GBUKinsurance or have any questions.

  • Your payment comprises your insurance premium and an administration fee.
  • The total cost of GBUKinsurance is £50 per annum for both insurance options.

The GBUK insurance policy runs from 1st June to 31st May.

As the insurance runs from June, the cost will be a pro-rata payment to cover the remainder of the insurance year, in quarterly blocks, and you will have the option to purchase another year at the full rate providing you opt to continue as a member of GBUK.

If you join the insurance scheme in this month:  The pro-rata payment will be:
























All premiums are inclusive of Insurance Premium Tax, chargeable at 12%.

GBUK will provide an up to date list of all participating members to the insurance company.

A summary and full policy are available from or downloadable here: