Dear Members,

It is with regret and sadness that we write this post.
The underwriters for GBUK Insurance have decided because of the upheaval and consequent changes in the insurance industry that they can no longer supply group Insurance. This is the type of insurance we have for GBUK members.
Our agents obtained an extension until 31st January 2021 while they searched for suitable insurance to accommodate us and came to us only this week with a  proposal. However, this was not group insurance so came at a much higher cost per individual which GBUK would not find viable to subsidise.  We have been told by the agent that when things settle group insurance may again become available. However this will not be for several months.
The Committee have therefore decided that the insurance will cease on 31st January. 
Joy has already emailed those that had a policy with us, so if you have and have not received the mail, please do let her know.
Thank you all for your support of GBUK.

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Monthly Competition

Hello Everyone! We had a committee meeting recently and it was agreed it would be fun to have a monthly glass competition for members only, themed around different lampwork techniques.

We hope that everyone, whatever your level or skill will enter. It is always lovely to see your work.

There is a £20 Voucher to spend at Tuffnell Glass for the winner of each months category. To make it easier for you to plan there is a chart below. This outlines the themes for each month. You have until the 21st of each month to enter via email.

We will pop all the entries into a photo album and we can all vote for our favourite each month.


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The annual election is taking place between 08.00 3rd May 2019 to 22.00 on 6th May 2019. 

 If anybody wishes to nominate someone or be nominated then please complete the google form in the link below, you would like to nominate someone, or you can nominate yourself for a committee position.  The closing date for nominations is 22.00 on the 28th April 2019 (You need to be a member to nominate and be nominated.)

Click Here to Nominate

Before you nominate somebody else, please confirm with them that they’re willing to undertake the commitments necessary.

The committee posts are

  • Chairman
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Events Coordinator
  • Membership Secretary
  • Webmaster
  • Journal Editor
  • Social Media

The committee meets once a month on a Tuesday evening at 8pm, via skype.

Committee Election

Here is a little more information about what the committee posts entail.


The “Chairman” shall oversee all the meetings and activities and shall make sure that at all times the organisation is abiding by the rules and regulations set forth by this constitution, provides direction to the committee, chairs meetings and the AGM and prepares reports for members. Produces the quarterly e-magazine Flame.


The “Secretary” shall be responsible for documenting all the paperwork of the organisation and will distribute the minutes from all meetings, deals with all official communication and between members. In the absence of the Chairman the Secretary will fulfil the tasks of the Chairman.


The “Treasurer” shall maintain a correct balance of the funds of the organisation, shall keep a record of all accounting of the organisation and shall regularly (at least quarterly) make available a written breakdown of the income and expenditure of the organisation; be responsible for obtaining an independent audit of the finances on an annual basis and notifying the results of the audit to the Committee, including signed copies of the audit statement.

Membership secretary

Deals with new and renewals of membership and GBUKinsurance.

Events coordinator

Organises events, books venues; provides a list of upcoming events for Flame.


Responsible for maintaining the website and complying with reasonable requests by the committee in a reasonable timescale.

Social Media

Responsible for maintaining a social media presence and complying with reasonable requests by the committee in a reasonable timescale.

Journal Editor

Oversees the preparation and production of the journal


Please note, this is a members only event – anyone wishing to take part who is not a member can contact for details of how to join or look on the website

The AGM will take place at 5pm on Friday 1st June in the demonstration room, upstairs, at Uttoxeter Racecourse after close of business on the first day of Flame Off. It’s held then to ensure as many of you can attend as possible. We’d love to see lots of you there – this is your chance to put forward ideas, help determine policy and tell us the direction you’d like the organisation to go in and meet fellow members.


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Newsflash 3.1.19

GBUK Journal Issue 11

Photo’s – Deadline extended

For the details of how to submit.   click here

The GBUK Journal is a great opportunity to showcase your work in a high quality publication.


Would you like to advertise in the journal? Here are the details:

£125.00 for full page (A4)

£60.00 for half page (Landscape)

£40.00 for quarter page (Portrait)

Specifications for Advertising are:

  • All adverts to be submitted as PDF with images at 300dpi.
  • All fonts to be outlined in the PDF if possible (this stops problems of us not having the fonts used)
  • If a PDF is not possible then a 300dpi 24/32 bit PNG file will be OK, finally if all else fails a JPEG at 300dpi but make sure the quality setting is high.
  • All artwork is to be submitted at 300dpi at full size.
  • Full page = 210x297mm with 3mm bleed added (therefore 216x303mm)
  • 1/2 page = 184mm x130mm (Landscape)
  • 1/4 page = 90mmx130mm (Portrait)
  • Please can everyone also supply a JPEG copy of their advert to check that it looks as expected.

Adverts to ASAP. Journal Issue 11 will be available at the Flame Off in June 2019

Editorial Copy

We are still on the look out for tutorials and articles for the journal.  So if you have something interesting you have written and would like it to appear in print please send it to the journal editor  for consideration.

Valentine’s swap

We’re planning on a not so secret Valentine’s swap, and we’re inviting all members to join in.  The plan is to have members willing to take part in making a glass theme Valentine’s swap sign up by 11th January 2019.

We’re planning on a not so secret Valentine’s swap, and we’re inviting all members to join in.  The plan is to have members willing to take part in making a glass theme Valentine’s swap sign up by 11th January 2019.
Then the committee will pair up members, who will make a gift for the other person. The two members are encouraged to message each other and get to know each other a little better. Perhaps give hints as to what your glass likes and dislikes are so that you can plan your gift. This isn’t meant to be a life story, but a nice way, one on one to get to know another member a little better!

You must be ready to post your gift by 1st February, and message your other half to confirm gift is on it’s way.

Please also remember, that some members are overseas and you must be willing to post.

So who wants to join in and feel the love? ?

Finally don’t forget whenever your insurance runs […]

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