GBUK Journal Issue 9

Publication date: Flame Off 2017
Submission Form: GBUK Journal Issue 9
Photos to: by midnight on 4th November 2016.
Further guidelines below.

The GBUK Journal is a great opportunity to showcase your work in a high quality publication. Best of all it is free to submit an entry and all members who are paid up as of 1st November 2016 will receive a free copy.

If you would like to have your work included in the next GBUK Journal, then please read this carefully. We would like you to send one image only to, but as before, all other required information will need to be submitted using the online submission form below.

If you do not fill in the online form, your entry will not appear in the journal. If you cannot fill in the form, email

Photo requirement:
• JPEG format.
• As high quality as possible – minimum pixel dimensions approx 1200×1200 pixels. There is no maximum. The non-scaled size it comes off the camera is great.

If you are adjusting your images using a photo editor, please save them as high quality. If your photo is not suitable, you will be advised in due course.

Your photo must be named in the following format:
< your name >-< name of bead >.< extension >

So, for example, a jpeg photo of Fred Blogg’s bead called “Good Blue thing” would be named Fred Bloggs-Good Blue thing.jpg

Then send your image as an email attachment to

People using on a Mac to send their pics: make sure it isn’t auto-resizing images. You need to look in the lower right corner of the new email window where you will see a popup menu allowing you to select small, medium, large, or actual size image sizes. Choose actual size.
Outlook sometimes does this too.

Additional Information:
All other information e.g. name, company name, website, a short write up about you and your work etc needs to be supplied using the online form. There is a maximum of 50 words for the About You text. Anything over this limit will be edited at the editor’s discretion.

Please supply as much information as possible within the word count.

All entries must be received by midnight on 4th November 2016.

1. Send your photo as an email attachment to

2. All other entry information should be supplied using the online submission form.

3. Please email with all queries.

4. Ensure you have completed the form and emailed your photo before midnight on 4th November 2016.

5. Check you receive an email confirmation of receipt within 7 days, otherwise contact

If the form below is not loading, you can also reach it here: GBUK Journal Issue 9 Submission Form. If you fill it in more than once, only your most recent entry will be used.