Madeline Bunyan

Madeline Bunyan Cored Beads Molten glass has a character all of its own, I have been getting to know that character since February 2006, learning its unique quirks and attributes. Using these properties I’ve concentrated on developing a broad skills base including blowing, millifiore making, encasing, sculpting, making my own frit blends and much more. I work with many different kinds of glass, each producing different results, Silver glass colours, Borosilicate and soft glass including Effetre, Ask, Bullseye and Plowden and Thompson.

The time has come for developing my own unique, recognisable style…so watch this space (or my website which I update frequently!)

I sell glass beads on their own, or worked into sterling silver jewellery, and also make silver cored beads which simply thread onto a chain or cord, Instant jewellery!

Inspired by colours in nature, the coast of Devon where I live, as well as more unusual sources such as socks, or the mixture of coloured rods of glass on my desk, I create some very vibrant beads.

Sculptural lampworking, although it only really began seriously for me in the summer of 2008, has become a great focus for me, making goddess beads as well as animals and freeform shapes which allow me to play with some of my wild colour combinations.

Most of my beads are one-offs, but I will gladly make sets if required. To find out more, or commission something special, please contact me via my website

When presented with a new idea or technique my typical response is “let’s try it and see!” I’m very willing to try out or invent new lampworking ideas, concepts and techniques, so if you have something in mind, just ask…or you’ll never know!