Heather Kelly

14.08.10_RootbeerBoroGremlin_01 I began lampworking in January 2010 after taking a class with Jolene Wolfe. I love working with glass and find it an endlessly fascinating medium! I enjoy trying as many techniques as possible and testing new colours to see what they do. I’ve been lucky enough to be able to take classes with a number of internationally-renowned glass artists. Basically, I’m having a great time!

I began importing Lauscha glass from Germany – Lauscha.co.uk opened for business in April 2011. It’s a wonderful excuse to try out yet more types of glass! I started doing colour test posts, since there isn’t as much easy-to-find information about Lauscha – you can find those on my website.

I love colour: glass has definitely given me a new appreciation for orange. I like organic beads, precise arrays of dots (not so good at that last!), implosions, sculptural work… I make murrini, gremlins and jellyfish, among all the other beads!