Diana East Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship has been set up in memory of Diana East, a British lampworker and honorary member of Glass Beadmakers UK, who died on 29 January 2017. 

Diana, an extremely talented glass worker, was free with her knowledge and loved sharing her skills.  To this end, Glass Beadmakers UK want to continue the good work she epitomised.

The scholarship will last for one calendar year and one scholarship will be awarded each calendar year.

Applications are invited from members of Glass Beadmakers UK (GBUK).

Non-members must join GBUK to enter and must have been a member for a minimum of three months.

The scholarship will consist of:

  •            Free GBUK membership for one calendar year
  •            Free entry to Flame Off (two day pass)
  •            A place on a class at Flame Off
  •            A place on a course at Tuffnell Glass
  •            A £100 stipend towards travel and accommodation

The scholarship will be funded by GBUK and administered by the GBUK committee.

Required from the successful recipient

  •            Must donate an item to the Flame Off auction
  •            Must volunteer on the GBUK stand at Flame Off for a minimum of four hours
  •            Must attend the AGM that year
  •            Must write an article for publication in Flame, the annual journal and the GBUK website, as the committee sees fit, on their experience of the scholarship.


Application procedure

Application forms are available below and should be sent to are sent to secretary@gbuk.org

Entry Form

Entry Declaration


The current closing date is: 30th April 2019

Your application must consist of:

  •          A statement including your inspiration for your work and what you would like to achieve    from the scholarship
  •          A one page essay explaining how what you learn will in turn help others in the glass community.
  •          Photos of your current work, displaying as much variety as possible (max. 6 images)
  •         Two letters of recommendation *

*(e.g. a shop where you’ve sold your work, a craft fair organiser who’s admired your work, a customer you’ve sold your work to, a student of yours, someone you inspired, someone who helped you set up in lampworking)

The recipient will be selected by the GBUK committee.

Applicants will be notified of their success by an announcement at Flame Off 2019 or by email if not in attendance.

The funds/provision will be distributed by the GBUK Treasurer, by means of bank transfer or Paypal.

In the event the recipient does not uphold the terms of the scholarship, GBUK will revoke the scholarship awards and stipend and recover any losses.