Competition 2014 winners!

Thank you to everyone who entered the competition this year, the entries were both beautiful and stunning. A lot of hard work went into each and every one. Thanks also to everyone who came and ogled the entries on our stand at the Flame Off! Here are the winners.

BEGINNER – Katrina Beattie
SET – Ilsa Fatt
FOCAL – Judith Hannington
OTHER – Judith Hannington
JEWELLERY – Linda Newnham

Pictures below. Click to enlarge.

BEGINNER – Katrina Beattie, “Dali Darling”

Katrina Beattie_Dali Darling

Dali inspired.

SET – Ilsa Fatt, “Sunflowers”

ilsa fatt - sunflowers

A set of beads based on Vincent Van Gogh’s series of sunflower paintings. The three main beads echo the colours that Van Gough chose for three of his paintings on this theme.

FOCAL – Judith Hannington, “Section of Tiffany Hanging Head Dragonfly Lampshade”

Judith Hannington Dragonfly

The first reproduction Tiffany lampshade I made was in the hanging head dragonfly style and it remains my favourite of all his designs. An attempt to recreate a section of it in the flame seemed a natural step. A silver foil covered core creates the effect of a lit lampshade.

SCULPTURAL – Sue Webb, “Shark in a Tank”

Sue Webb IMG_0268

The physical impossibility of Death in the mind of someone living. 1991 Damien Hirst.

OTHER – Judith Hannington, “Eeyore loses a tail”

Judith Hannington Eeyore

Although he does always try to find a bright side to things, Eeyore feels blue a lot of the time, but the day he lost his tail must have been one of the “BLUEST”.

JEWELLERY – Linda Newnham, “Circle of Fire”

Linda Newnham-Circle of Fire

Inspired by a sculpture I saw in Murano designed by the glass artist Chihuly. Created with over 100 glass pieces, each piece has a base of opaque glass which has been encased in transparent then manipulated in the flame using heat control to create the spiral. Wired onto black, rubber tube.

Each winner won £25 in the form of 5 x £5 vouchers, which can be spent with any GBUK member. Vouchers being used online will be checked before transactions are complete.

To members: if you sell goods, please ensure your website is listed on the GBUK website so the winners can find you. All vouchers will be honoured by GBUK via Debbie Dew ( She will check the voucher is valid and hasn’t already been spent elsewhere.